The manufacturing industry needs to measure stuff with precision and highest accuracy, however how do they achieve that precision? Answer is a device called height gauge.  This equipment measures the height of any object with accuracy. Engineers prefer this device as it gives measurement with accuracy that provides precision in manufacturing.

There are two basic categories of height gauges – digital and mechanical. In this article we will see height gauge advantages and disadvantages. Even digital height gauge can be grouped into three categories – it mostly depends upon their accuracy. The first group is simple, with accuracy levels that of a mechanical height gauge.

Note : There are many brands available in market, Mitutoyo Digital Height Gauge is one of the famous brand.

These gauges use a metric scale with a floating zero. Second group is merely an upgraded version of the first one, they have some added features like ID/OD measurement and probe compensation. Third group offers the most accuracy compared to other groups . It also comes with a range of added features, like a digital interface, air bearings, motorised probing, and 1D/2D measuring capability.

These devices have become quite advanced with the help of technology. Now, let’s see the advantages of using best digital height gauge

Advantages of Using A Digital Height Gauge

Digital and Mechanical height gauges have their advantages and disadvantages as well. Digital height gauge comes with a digital display, making it easier to read. It’s better than a dial indicator. It can switch units for measurement quickly. Setting the zero quickly is easy. It can collect electronic data. These gauges offer one basic advantage – even lower end devices also allow you to measure with accuracy.  There’s a wide range of gauges, but all come with a built-in measurement indicator and calculation device. From a pneumatic gliding system, lightweightness, durability, manual/digital interface for adjusting, it comes with a bunch of features. You name the feature, there’s a device that offers it.

Another advantage it offers is the precision you get. The instrument and operator are prone to making errors. But the modern gauge offers resolution that’s superior. This superiority in devices prevents potential error from machines. Once these gauges were made from tough material like cast iron, it means lesser accuracy. However, today lightweight materials are used for building, but they don’t sacrifice accuracy.

On the final advantage, it is the electronic and wireless capabilities of the device. In these modern devices, you can read with clarity and precision.  You can adjust some gauges to make adjustments in errors rising due to squareness and straightness. If the surface is cleaned up, zero point offers accuracy as much as possible. The digital height gauge can record and send digital information. Some gauges offer a motorized probing feature. It means the device can automatically detect the accurate placement. The height gauge is the finest tool regarding precision measurement that exists today. Various shapes, sizes, features and prices are available in the market. All you need is specify your need. 

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